Hotel in the center of Capri
Hotel in the center of Capri
Hotel Gatto Bianco Capri Italy
Hotel Gatto Bianco Capri Italy
Hotel Gatto Bianco Capri Italy
Gatto Bianco - the hotel in the piazzetta

The hotel in the heart of Capri

Like the idea of staying in a hotel right in the center of Capri?

You're going to love Gatto Bianco!

Just 150 meters from the Piazzetta, the heart of the island's glamorous social whirl, and 100 meters from Via Camerelle, Capri's designer shopping street, if it's a centrally-located 4 star you're after, Gatto Bianco is the hotel for you.

Anema & Core, the club where the rich and famous can be found dancing the night away, is directly opposite the hotel.

There's no need to take a taxi, a bus, or walk for miles.

Stay at Gatto Bianco and the best of Capri is on your doorstep. Getting here is easy too: a 4 minute funicular ride, and you're at the hotel.

3 good reasons to choose Gatto Bianco

The petite Spa

If, for you, a holiday is about relaxing, you'll love the beauty rituals performed in our wellness center.

The location

You're halfway between the Piazzetta and Via Camerelle. There's nowhere more central.

The Dolce Vita

Totò, Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot... just some of the stars who have shone in Gatto Bianco's rooms since the hotel opened 65 years ago.

Matisse, the Gatto Bianco

The hotel's furry mascot, Matisse, whiles away the time of day sauntering around the reception, patiently waiting to be caressed by guests.

The last of a generation of white cats, all of whom have brought good fortune to the hotel, Matisse has been with us since 2006.

Matisse - Gatto Bianco Capri

It was in the 1950's, that brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni and Tonino Esposito decided to enlarge the family's guest house. As they walked through the lemon grove where today's hotel is located, they came across a white cat (gatto bianco in Italian) and her brood of newborn kittens.

The day they were due to sign the land contract, a white cat appeared by the bed of their ill father. Another cat-connection? The solicitor's surname was Scannagatti (cat slaughterer!).

There's been a white cat at the hotel ever since.

Gatto Bianco
Memories of the Dolce Vita
"Jackie O and Aristotle Onassis, Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot: just a few of the glamorous guests I'll never forget... "
Tonino Esposito, Gatto Bianco's founder

Founded by Giuseppe, Giovanni and Tony Esposito brothers, Hotel Gatto Bianco has been a focal point of Capri's social scene since the years of the "Dolce Vita" on the Capri island.

In fact, even though you'll no longer find Brigitte Bardot draped over one of the hotel's divans with a glass of limoncello in hand, at Gatto Bianco the Dolce Vita continues...

How to reach Gatto Bianco

Gatto Bianco is located within steps of the Piazzetta.

To reach the hotel from the port, take the funicular train and, in just 4 minutes, you'll be in the Piazzetta.

From here, walk down Via Vittorio Emanuele and, after a few meters, you've arrived!

Principal distances
  • 100 m Piazzetta Capri
  • 200 m Bus Terminal
  • 1 km Marina Grande
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