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You're on holiday, the perfect time to indulge in a few moments of blissful relaxation - at our Delphina Wellness Center.

Luxurious beauty rituals, exclusive cosmetic treatments: our Gatto Bianco Spa & Wellness menu has everything you'll need to look and feel fantastic.

After a morning on the beach at the foot of the Faraglioni, treat yourself to some precious "me-time", before hitting the Piazzetta!

And there's more: guests staying at Hotel Gatto Bianco are granted a 15% discount - on all treatments!

All treatments are based on the principles of phytocosmetics and are performed by a team of qualified wellness therapists.

Our receptionist will be pleased to help you choose the treatments most suited to your requirements.
You can even create your own individual spa package, and indulge in some personalized pampering! Write to us for more information.

Book 3 nights or more in April, May and October at Gatto Bianco and receive a free wellness treatment!

Petite Spa

The wellness center has a small spa area fitted with sauna, emotional shower
and Turkish bath with chromotherapy.

The Petite Spa is available for exclusive use by individual clients, couples
or groups of maximum 4 people.

Petite Spa - Gatto Bianco Capri
Duration SPA path
60 minutes
€ 40 per person
Petite Spa - Gatto Bianco Capri

Steam baths alternated with cold showers expel toxins and reactivate the circulation. Sit back with a herbal infusion and relax as the stress accumulated over the year evaporates and disappears...

For a sensation of wellbeing you'll never forget, combine a session in the Petite Spa with an exclusive MEI treatment.

MEI wellness rituals

Our therapists are specialized in wellness treatments by MEI, a company with over 30 years experience in the beauty business.

Wellness rituals include the application of herbal products, and aromotherapy, performed with essential oils from wild plants. The effect of treatments is increased by the assumption of carefully selected infusions.

Massages include the use of Podostrigiles®: an extremely effective (and patented) beauty tool, inspired by the strigils used in Ancient Roman baths.

Facial treatments

    designed to restore tone, luminosity and compactness of the skin of the face and hands.

    € 90,00 (50 min)


    reduces the signs of time and oxygenates the skin of the face and hands.

    € 95,00 (50 min)

Facial treatments

    a dream treatment for the skin and general relaxation.

    € 55,00 (30 min)


    € 125,00 (50 min)


    € 150,00 (90 min)

Body treatments

    stimulates the drainage of liquid.

    € 85,00 (50 min)


    the path to wellbeing passes through the gates represented by the hands and feet.

    € 70,00 (45 min)

Body treatments

    deep cleansing total body scrub performed with Italian green clay.

    € 75,00 (60 min)


    combats water retention and the formation of cellulite.

    € 120.00 (60 min)


    relaxing action.

    € 85,00 (60 min)

Body treatments

    € 45,00 (15 min)


    € 70,00 (30 min)


    € 95,00 (50 min)


    € 95,00 (50 min)

Foot treatments

    a unique patented foot treatment which produces sensations of wellbeing throughout the body

    € 85,00 (50 min)


    energizing treatment designed to provide relief from the discomfort of swollen or tired feet

    € 50,00 (30 min)

Foot treatments

    Stimulating, anti-stress treatment with impressive results, in just 15 minutes

    € 30,00 (15 min)



There's nothing quite like a massage to help you relax and boost your energy levels.

Especially if you choose to be massaged at Gatto Bianco Spa & Wellness!

All our massages and manipulations are performed by highly qualified and experienced massage therapists.

Partial Massage
€ 50,00 (25 min)
Relaxing massage
€ 75,00 (50 min)
Body-shaping massage
€ 90,00 (50 min)
Stone Therapy
€ 90,00 (50 min)
More massages...
Deep massage
€ 95,00 (50 min)
Hot Karité
€ 90,00 (50 min)
Lymphatic drainage
€ 85,00 (50 min)
Extra charge for facial mask application during massage
€ 40,00

Cosmetic treatments

If you want to look as beautiful as you feel when you're on holiday, you're going to love Gatto Bianco Spa & Wellness Center's incredibly luxurious cosmetic treatments!

Book a treatment in our beauty center and get ready to shine like the stars in the sky over Capri.

Facial Treatments
Facial cleaning € 65,00
Facial cleansing with application collagen 80% € 90,00
CARITA Renovateur treatment € 8,00
CARITA Prolifting+Renovateur treatment € 15,00
AKTIVIA TRANSDERMICA treatments with natural active principles € 90,00
OXIGEN Treatments € 55,00
Body treatments
Natural scrub (25 min) € 50,00
Peeling and cream application (50 min) € 85,00
Mud and cream application (50 min) € 85,00
Compression wrap therapy € 60,00
SHAPE treatment € 40,00
Draining therapy € 30,00
LPG (Lipomassage) € 70,00
AKTIVIA TRANSDERMICA treatment with natural active principles € 90,00
Radiofrequency therapy € 70,00
Hair removal
Eyebrow threading € 18,00
Lip threading € 15,00
Eyebrow shaping € 10,00
Underarm waxing € 15,00
Bikini waxing € 18,00
Brazilian waxing € 25,00
Arm waxing € 20,00
Full legs and bikini line € 45,00
Half legs with bikini line € 35,00
Waxing for men variable
Hands and Feet
Manicure and polish € 22,00
Paraffin treatment € 25,00
Cosmetic pedicure € 30,00
Therapeutic pedicure € 40,00
Permanent nail polish € 28,00
Mask + scrub for hands € 28,00
Blowout € 25,00
Shampoo + blowout € 33,00
Cut for women € 35,00
Colour € 47,00
Highlights € 85,00
Keratin anti-frizz treatment € 250,00
Cut for men € 35,00
Styling € 60,00
Shatush € 100,00
Extra charge styling with extensions € 10,00
Perm € 62,00

Massimo Trignano: Hairstylist at Gatto Bianco Spa & Wellness

Massimo was trained at the Lieto salon in Naples and the Gerry Santoro school in Florence. He worked in the Aldo Coppola salons in Milan for two years, with Sargassi in Rome, and with Sanrizz in London. His specialties are trendy cuts and natural highlights.

Cosmetic Treatments Gatto Bianco Spa & Wellness - Gatto Bianco Capri

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