Gatto Bianco


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Gatto Bianco - Home Page
Gatto Bianco is a much-loved 4 star, in the center of Capri. An icon of island hospitality, the hotel has been making guests happy for almost a century.
Rooms - Hotel Gatto Bianco
Hotel Gatto Bianco has various categories of room. Whichever you choose, you can expect to stay a light-filled room, decorated in typical Mediterranean fashion.
Hotel with wellness center - Capri
It's easy to look and feel wonderful at Gatto Bianco, home to the Delphina Wellness Center with Petite Spa and hair salon.
How to reach Gatto Bianco
Located right in the heart of Capri, the hotel lies within steps of the Piazzetta.
Images of the hotel and Matisse, Gatto Bianco's mascot :)
Contacts - Hotel Gatto Bianco
Address, telephone number and information request form: the info you need to get in touch with Gatto Bianco.